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Your personal development is at the core of what we do. Whether that’s acquiring new skills, developing your self-confidence or making an active difference to entrepreneurs' lives in South East Asia, we want you to finish a Devvi with a newfound comfort in your skills.


We all know how crowded the job market is these days. That’s why the skills and experiences you gain on your Devvi program will give you a competitive edge and are directly applicable in the workplace. Impress future employers showing them that you've taken the initiative to take part in something bigger than yourself, and proving that you can work successfully in a team on an important project.  


Entrepreneurship and business are the keys to securing a successful future for yourself, and the people you support. No idea is too big. With Devvi you will make an active difference in securing a better future for yourself and the people you meet along the way. Discover what you want to do in the future through working with others and building on the skills you already have.


No two days are the same when you do a Devvi and we want to keep it that way. Allowing yourself to experience lots of different things opens your mind. Taking part in this program, you're putting yourself out of your comfort zone knowing it will pay off. Learn something new, have fun, meet people from different cultures! Variety is the spice of life after all.


Overseas and international experience, whether virtual or in-person will set you apart from others; it opens your mind and gives you a unique perspective on the world. By doing a Devvi you will gain a deep understanding of how international connections make the world a better place.

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