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Why Devvi?

Are you a student looking for something exciting to do in your summer, instead of just a boring old internship? You're in the right place.

Our course has been carefully designed for students in all fields, but with an interest in business, looking to maximise their summer holidays and gain real skills to take to future jobs. We 

This program will bring you on a 6-week adventure working with other ----- to understand, consult on and develop local businesses in Vietnam. After an initial 2 week training course in fundamental business skills, you will work in small groups to identify problems, solutions and assist the development of 4 vastly different businesses.

Our course has been carefully designed for 

Why Devvi?

Are you looking for summer placements or jobs in grey cities, worried that you'll be making coffee or doing data entry all summer? Or Are you looking for something exciting to do to enhance your employability and business skills? Do you have an entrepreneurial streak and want to build your confidence in yourself and your skills? Do you want to make a real difference to people's lives? You're in the right place.

With the increasing competitiveness of the job market, having an advantage is crucial for those looking to go on to great things. Our program will set you apart. You'll have your eyes opened to a new culture of business in an Asian country plus have an opportunity to travel and venture around Vietnam.

Our course has been carefully designed for students in all fields, but with an interest in business, looking to maximise their summer and gain real skills to take to future jobs. We put a focus on independent and team working so that every session is practical, useful and applicable in the real world.

What makes our program unique?

We are the only provider of such a comprehensive service that allows you to actually build skills in a fun and challenging environment. With training and skill building sessions every working day, as well as local language and culture classes, PLUS hands-on experience working with local businesses and people, what will you not learn in these 4 weeks?

On top of all of this challenging and fun work, your weekends are always entirely yours to explore the local surroundings and fully make the most of people in such a beautiful country.

This is not voluntourism.

Voluntourism encapsulates the idea of a ‘Western Saviour’; going into developing countries to make a difference and, on the surface, improve local community members lives. In reality, these voluntourism schemes, such as going to Africa to work in an orphanage, do more harm than good and are often organised by companies trying to exploit the good nature and passion of young people.

Devvi gives back to its community. Every activity, piece of research and collaboration with Vietnamese entrepreneurs is carefully planned and prepared to have the most sustainable impact and beneficial effect possible. Through your time on a Devvi program, you will not only learn a huge amount through collaborating with locals, you will create a lasting change, supporting local businesses to expand and develop which will in turn improve the lives of not just the entrepreneurs, but the community as a whole.

The Entrepreneur Fund – provided by Devvi, is just one of the many ways we ensure that your presence in Vietnam is making an active and sustainable difference. Long after you have left the country, our team continue to work with and support the entrepreneurs involved in your programs.

We want Devvi’s to build real relationships with locals and be able to share work culture in an international environment, ultimately benefitting everyone involved.


The Program

In a nutshell:

  • 4 weeks

  • 3 businesses

  • 1 country

  • a LOT of skill building

The first week of the program is for training, local orientation and your fellow Devvis! You'll learn about the fundamentals of business and there will be practical sessions on how to apply these skills when you're working with real entrepreneurs.

The next three weeks will include working in teams to help a local business develop. You'll be analysing these businesses, meeting with the owners, coming up with solutions to their problems, and implementing them  to see real results in real time.

The program is based around developing local businesses in Vietnam, so business development is our focus. If you're interested in Vietnam, or Asian business in general, you'll get support in understanding the Asian business market and get hands-on experience developing Asian businesses. You'll build such a unique set of skills that once you put this course on your CV, employers will be fighting over you.

A typical day

9am: meet with group to have a training session with program coordinators about "Defining Vision of SME's"

10am: a local entrepreneur will have a practical session on "Digital Marketing to tourists visiting Asia"

11:30am: Vietnamese language class.

12:30pm: lunch time (maybe a bowl of pho!)

1:30pm: work with your team in the afternoon to brainstorm ideas for the week's chosen business, a restaurant wanting to target Western tourists, and testing these ideas by getting out to the streets and talking to tourists in the area or seeing what marketing strategies close competitors are doing.

5pm: you're finished for the day! Go to the cinema to see a local movie, have dinner with local people, or have a £1 beer with your fellow teammates at your local bar!

What's included?


- Full business skills and development training

- Guest entrepreneur speakers

- Time off to enjoy your surroundings

What's included?



Less than £400 per week for all of the below...

  • 4 weeks accommodation with breakfast

  • Entrepreneur Fund for you to develop local businesses

  • 24/7 in-country support

  • Lunch with full group every Monday

  • Full business skills and development training which has been carefully designed for you.

  • Guest speakers: local business owners, local tourism officials & business experts

  • A sim card with data and credit

  • Airport transfers

  • Organised social activities

  • Ample time off to enjoy your beautiful surroundings

  • An experience of a lifetime and much, much more!


1 Devvi on every program will receive 50% of their program fee back upon completion. 

This will go to the individual who the program coordinators view have participated fully, and truly made the most of their experience.  


What's not included?




Spending money - Vietnam has one of the lowest costs of living in the world

We know getting these things can be overwhelming and you want to make sure you get the best price. So, we provide full assistance with getting these once your place has been confirmed. You will gain access to our resource pool with help about how to get these sorted. 



For 2020 our starting dates are:

  • June 1st - June 28th 2020

  • July 6th - August 2nd 2020

  • August 10th - September 6th 2020

Application deadline is 8 weeks before the start date of the program.

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The program is based in the most beautiful and relaxed city in Vietnam, Da Nang. We have especially chosen this city because of it's amazing location (think beach, sea, mountains and nature all in one) and entrepreneurial mindset.

The Vietnamese people are some of the friendliest people on earth, they always smile and chat away to you if you smile at them. They love practising their English so you may be treated like a local celebrity if you frequently see them during the four weeks.

The city is full of all the amenities you need; supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, hospitals, pharmacies etc. You'll be provided with a full safety training and will have 24/7 support in the country with people who have lived in Vietnam and understand the local culture. Your program coordinators work with local hospitals, doctors and pharmacies so any health issues that may arise will be dealt with by professionals who speak English.

Vietnam is an extremely cheap place to eat out and enjoy yourself. You can pay £2 for dinner with a coffee or a beer... yes it's that cheap. However, if you don't fancy Vietnamese food all the time, there are a lot of Western food options, including Italian, Spanish, British, American, Indian...

But will I have time to visit places around the city?

Yes, of course you'll have the opportunity to explore. Our program is Monday to Friday to allow Devvi's to get out and explore the local surroundings. There's so much to see and do in Da Nang itself, but there's also the neighbouring Hoi An, a UNESCO world heritage site city that is not to be missed. The Imperial City of Vietnam, Hue, is also only a 2 hour drive or train ride away, where you can visit many historically important temples. Or, of course, the famous Golden Hand Bridge is a 30-minute drive and the longest cable car journey in the world away.

If you want even more time to explore the rest of the country, you're certainly welcome to book your flights a week earlier than the program start date, or leave a week later, and enjoy the country. Our program coordinators are happy to give you advice on the best hotels and flights around the country so you can get the best deals.


Application process

Can't wait to arrive?

First you'll need to go through the application process.

We've made it simple and accessible to everyone, but we need to see your motivation for doing the program shine through, as we only accept top-quality candidates who are going to make the most of the whole experience. 


  1.  Apply online with our 10/15 minute application form. 

  2. Once successful, you'll receive an email within ten working days about a phone/Skype interview.

  3. Once successful, you'll be invited to join the program and to submit a deposit to secure your place. You'll also gain access to our pool of resources for fundraising and pre-departure preparation. Plus, access to a private Facebook group with other fellow Devvis in your group.

  4. Book your flight and meet us in Vietnam!

Still have questions?

Still not sure and have some questions about something? Bookmark us for later or don't hesitate to email us, one of our team will be happy to answer any queries you have.

Email us at info@doadevvi.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Any questions?


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